CSS Layout Vs. HTML Tables

Now, I’m use SEO Design Analyzer website called Raven SEO Tools. It?s a free website where you can get your website analyzed a bunch of different ways (it cost money for more than one website). I ran a Design Analyzer on ones of my clients site perlengkapansekolah.com and it came up with some startling results.


I was blown away by this. I thought if anything I had the website part of it down pat. But I kept reading and this is what it said.

Obsolete & Deprecated HTML

We found 8 instances where your Web page is using obsolete or deprecated HTML. The use of these HTML elements usually makes your Web pages larger (which increases download time), and they are no longer used in modern Web design. For optimal Web design and search engine results, Sitening recommends only using a combination of validated XHTML and CSS ? where all styles have been stripped from the XHTML and placed in the CSS.

Below is a list of obsolete or deprecated HTML. If an element is listed without an attribute, the element is considered obsolete or deprecated. If an element and attribute are shown together, the attribute is considered obsolete or deprecated.

  • table align
  • td width
  • td bgcolor
  • td height
  • a target
  • img name
  • p align
  • center

Your Web design appears to use nested table elements. Nested tables are used to control the layout of a Web page, but are no longer used in modern Web design. All layouts should be controlled by CSS. Nested tables break up the semantic order of a Web page, and unnecessarily increase the page size.

I have been building webpages using HTML tables for years and now I come to find out that you should not build your website using nested tables for SEO purposes. Now I know that wordpress doesn?t use tables but I really didn?t want to learn how to re-build my entire website using CSS and DIV tags. I use CSS but for fonts not for the complete design.

I started trying to redesign my site in CSS using DIV tags and I was able to it pretty quickly.? Me and my friend (team design creative) now start to learn more about CSS layout combine templates for an unique and exclusive website.

So I did a little research and found out that using CSS and DIV tags are the ideal for website design because you can make one change to a CSS file and it changes it across the entire website but it does not effect your SEO. Which to me was the most important part. So I have decided not to re-build my website in CSS right away but I am going to slowly construct a test site just so I can build my knowledge about DIV tags and CSS.

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  1. Oooo….gitu ya…makasih ya bos…udah dijelasin…(habis bhs.inggris sich…) jadi kesimpulannya lebih mudah menggunakan WordPress karena lebih SEO Friendly gitu…

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